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Classic $259K West End Bungalow Lands Buyer

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For admirers of old-school pocket doors, stained glass, moldings, built-ins, et cetera

Just south of Interstate 20, and a few blocks from the Beltline's oncoming Westside Trail, this classic West End bungalow with a tumultuous sales history has landed a fresh contract.

Built in 1920, it's a three-bedroom, two-bathroom study in original features: pocket doors, stained glass, appropriate moldings, built-ins, and a quadruple dose of fireplaces. That stuff is savory bait for many Atlanta buyers.

This old home's foreclosure-fraught, roller-coaster history includes a $212,000 sale in 2004, followed by a second foreclosure in 2012 and drastically reduced sale price of just $21,000. Renovators swooped in sometime thereafter.

According to Zillow, it listed at $259,000 in late April and went under contract about two weeks later. It's proof that, even now, living in roomy, intriguing digs, minutes from the city's core, doesn't have to spell mortgage poverty.