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The Hilarious Listing for an Atlanta House Called ‘Mr. Chocolate’

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It dates to 1948 and was redesigned by a “future celebrity”

For Atlanta homebuyers whose checklist includes "Awesome Nickname Already Determined," this little bungalow with big personality could be an option just south of downtown.

Some things we’ve gleaned from the fittingly hilarious listing description:

  • The home is called Mr. Chocolate. He lives in Capitol View.
  • Built in 1948, it was owned and then renovated by a local architect who will be a celebrity in the future.
  • It has a "50+ acre front yard" across the street. (Well, that’s actually Perkerson Park, which is home to Atlanta’s only permanent public disc-golf course and a newish splash pad.)
  • It was "amazingly designed with the 3 S's in mind: Simple, Sleek, and SBeltline." It's unexpectedly minimal with all sorts of intriguing geometry packed into 1,330 square feet.
  • This awesome bit of broker babble applies here: "Sleep on it if you want to, but the smarter shopper will be sleeping in it if you do."
  • The price is $174,900.