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Real Estate Deathmatch: High-Dollar Battle of the Bizarre

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Hookahs, unique artwork, and sarcophagi

For this most recent iteration of that much-beloved no-holds barred brawl of bedrooms, bathrooms, and square footage, two Buckhead homes touch gloves to determine which has the most unusual rooms within.

While both homes have a good bit of normal to them, upon scrolling through the gallery photos one stumbles upon shocking design touches that could leave the prospective homebuyer scratching his or her head.

In the blue corner (above), weighing in at 5,537 square feet, and featuring five bedrooms, five bathrooms, and 1.72 acres: 450 Valley Road!

Listed at $1.89 million, and on the market now for more than 200 days, the home is the recipient of a design excellence award, but contains a quite unorthodox family room area destined to leave some utterly confused.

In the red corner (above), weighing in at a whopping 14,118 square feet, featuring six bedrooms, nine bathrooms and two acres: 1180 Mount Paran Road!

Listed at $5.2 million, and a relative newcomer — on the market for about five weeks — the home has an Egypt-themed home theater complete with decorative sarcophagi, and ... what’s this? A hookah lounge?!

Time to decide. Who will win this high-dollar battle of the bizarre?