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Cheshire Bridge is Officially Getting Less Sexy

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The Doll House strip club will soon be demolished for the construction of apartments

The de-seedification of Cheshire Bridge Road is roaring ahead.

A bastion for strip clubs and sex shops, Cheshire Bridge is slowly being devoured by the intown real estate boom, with an emphasis on large-scale rental complexes that offer shopping, too.

It all started innocently enough, with the construction of Modera Morningside — which sits on Piedmont Road, with just a tiny tip of the building encroaching on Cheshire Bridge. But even before that gleaming new building opened, there was talk of something more sinister: the closing of a longstanding strip club, the Doll House, to make way for apartments.

Immediately, there was an outcry, calling for the "spirit" of Cheshire Bridge to be saved. Could the mixed-use mania sweeping the city be kept from tainting the, um, purity of one of Atlanta’s seediest streets?

Alas, it turns out the outcry wasn’t enough, and the Doll House will soon be nothing more than a memory. The Atlanta Business Chronicle reports that Westplan Investors plans to construct almost 200 apartments as well as loft office and showroom spaces on the 7.5-acre site.

While two warehouses that occupy land along Faulkner Road will be repurposed, the Doll House building will reportedly be demolished for construction of the residential portion.

Plans call for the project to move forward sometime in the fall, so it sounds like the Doll House’s lap dances days are numbered. For what it's worth, Thrillist once named Doll House among the 11 best strip clubs in Atlanta, alongside another Cheshire Bridge institution, ONYX.