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Brookhaven Home from Katherine Heigl Movie Costs $1.5M

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This 1945 Colonial shined in the critically panned film “Life as We Know It”

By now, most Atlantans have heard of the benefits and pitfalls of letting Hollywood overtake your house for shoots. One positive aspect: Years later, you can apparently brag about the experience in property listings — even when it involved a Katherine Heigl flick abhorred by critics.

Such is the case with this massive 1945 Colonial in Brookhaven, which played host to Heigl and Josh Duhamel in the 2010 classic "Life as We Know It."

Inside, the place looks just as homey as it did the day Heigl moseyed down the stairs with baby poop on her face.

The five bedrooms and more than 5,000 square feet help to justify an asking price that now stands at $1.54 million. The screened porch/sunroom and immense patio are highlights for sure.

Yet it’s had trouble trading over the last couple of years, having been priced as high as $1.88 million in 2014 and undergoing several price-chops since.

Perhaps that baby poop was stigmatic.