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Park Officials Say New Greenspace will be Catalyst for Westside Changes

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Boone Park West funding could mean more greenspace and water management on the westside

Earlier this year, a spruced-up Vine City Park opened to fanfare, signaling a step forward for Atlanta’s westside — and a preview of other projects to come.

In many ways a grassroots effort, the initiative to improve the long-neglected area is gaining momentum thanks to investments by an array of organizations.

Now, Park Pride has announced plans to create Boone Park West in the Proctor Creek Watershed. The park is just one of many within the watershed that could help address issues of flooding in neighborhoods like English Avenue and Vine City.

According to Park Pride officials, the park will be the third on the westside (after Vine City Park and Lindsay Street Park) built as part of the Proctor Creek North Avenue Vision for Green Infrastructure study completed in 2010.

Said officials in a release: "A key component of Boone Park West will be a green infrastructure amenity designed to capture, clean, and infiltrate at least 37,500 cubic feet of stormwater runoff from the surrounding streets, mitigating the recurrent flooding that has historically plagued these neighborhoods."

In fact, the plan is just a small component of a larger initiative for beautifying Atlanta’s westside neighborhoods through new parks, the creation of a greenway system, and connections to the Beltline.

No timeline for the park or cost estimates were provided.