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Gasless QT Debuts on Peachtree in Midtown

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QuikTrip at 6th Street brings large convenience store, Funyuns to burgeoning neighborhood

Sights and sounds abound on Peachtree Street in Midtown. But one new addition is making people do a double-take at 6th Street.

Roadside staple QuikTrip, known for gas stations along interstates, is now officially open in the retail space of Viewpoint condominiums. Early visits have found patronage that borders on crowds.

But this location isn’t selling fuel for cars.

Rather, the QT in Midtown is a 3,500-square-foot convenience store offering a range of grocery items and even fresh food. The store offers the booming Midtown population a grocery option beyond the Publix at Spring Street and Peachtree Place, or the CVS located across Peachtree Street from the QT. And it’ll be serving up hot food and fountain drinks 24-7, making it a likely late-night destination for wobbly ATL zombies.

Many were skeptical when the project was first announced earlier this year, but it seems neighborhood residents are looking forward to the convenience, packing the store on Thursday morning in particular.

Chet Cadieux, the company's chairman and CEO, told 11Alive the store will "provide the convenience that residents in Midtown desire, as well as give them a fast and delicious option for fresh, made-to-order food and beverages from our QT Kitchen."