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This $299K Grant Park Bungalow is a Wee Gem

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It's that rare sub-$300K intown property that isn’t in danger of falling down

This sub-$300,000 prewar bungalow in Grant Park could help pacify anyone who decries Atlanta’s tendency to built intown houses of mondo proportions. It's a reminder that the city is loaded with anti-McMansions.

Like anything at that price point these days, however, it ain’t huge (1,046 square feet), but it could be starter-home city. And it doesn’t seem to want for anything (beyond, maybe, a second bathroom).

Two blocks east of the park, this lil’ gem was built circa 1930 and boasts plentiful gathering spaces beyond those which are heated and cooled. See the lovely screened porched, sprawling back deck (hugged around a hulking tree), and shaded backyard where a fire-pit communal area could probably be implemented.

The $299,900 ask buys two bedrooms, off-street parking, a standalone tub, and plenty of pretty hardwoods to match the rustic mantel. Those who need extra, rarely used rooms to feel at home need not apply.