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Study: Atlanta Still Has the Nation’s Largest Apartments

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The size of average Hotlanta two-bedroom units, in particular, is called ‘impressive’

For all this talk of micro apartments in Atlanta, and the prevalence of studios that can fetch well above $1,000, it seems that one age-old selling point of the ATL — sheer space — is still alive and well.

The apartment gurus at RENTCafé recently examined U.S. trends as they pertain to the average size of rental units in major cities, and Atlanta ranked numero uno with the largest apartments in the land. Not surprisingly, six of the top 10 cities are in the SunBelt region, researchers found.

Only apartments in buildings with at least 50 units were considered.

For Atlanta, the numbers seem to ring true: studios (570 square feet, on average), one bedrooms (768 square feet), and two-bedrooms (1,125), which were labeled "impressive."

Researchers opined: "As if anyone needs another reason to move to Hotlanta — aside from the healthy job sector, enviable weather, and low cost of living, that is!"

Tucson, for some reason, clocked in with the nation’s smallest apartments, with teeny-tiny studios (398 square feet) and two-bedrooms (907 square feet).

Overall, the average size of a new apartment in the U.S. is 934 square feet, or 8 percent smaller than a decade ago. (Average studios, meanwhile, have shrunk 18 percent in that time).

The study goes on to provide this juicy graph of context, suggesting that Atlanta’s renting population has it good in comparison with renters on the coasts:

"Atlanta incontestably rules the apartment size charts when it comes to two-bedroom rentals. Two-bedroom units featuring 1,125 square feet of living space are average for the capital city of the Peach State, adding more appeal to an already attractive housing market. Rents in Atlanta are not exactly what you’d call cheap, but they surely provide more bang for the buck than those in other major cities. Rentals in Atlanta go for an average of $1,240, with two-bedroom apartments commanding approx. $1,295 per month, Yardi Matrix data shows. That’s less than a third of what San Franciscans shell out on a 2-bedroom apartment every month (approx. $4,400)."