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Hawks, Emory Break Ground on Research Facility

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New complex will advance sports medicine, give hawks a dedicated practice space

With basketball season finally over, work has officially commenced on the Atlanta Hawks’ new Brookhaven practice facility.

Announced back in April, the facility will do double-duty like a good power forward, serving as both the Hawks’ first dedicated practice facility and a state-of-the-art sports-medicine research center affiliated with Emory University. The collaboration is the first of its kind between a major research university and a professional basketball team.

The complex will include two full-length basketball courts, with athletic training rooms, a film room, and recovery area with hydrotherapy and cryotherapy.

Additionally, Emory’s entire sports-medicine facility will be relocated to the area, bringing a range of technologically advanced healthcare options to players and others in need of treatment, the university announced.

Joining Emory and the Hawks is Peak Performance Project (P3), a California-based applied sports science group. Through assessing athlete movement and performance, P3 creates individualized optimization plans. So maybe this cutting-edge new facility and the higher-ed collaborations will earn the Hawks a ticket to June basketball.

Designed by HOK, the complex is scheduled for an opening prior to the start of the 2017 basketball season.