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Photos: Portman’s Iconic Marriott Marquis Gets Makeover

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Hotel celebrates 31 years with a major overhaul totaling more than $200 million

Atlanta’s most pregnant building is looking rejuvenated following the completion of more than $200 million in improvements over the last few years — and a $78-million push to the finish line.

The renovation spruced up the 1,663 hotel rooms and 160,000 square feet of function spaces throughout the massive complex. The ballrooms look fresh and sleek with new finishes and furniture.

For lovers of the untouched 1985 Portman look, however, the renovation may be a bit jarring. Gone are the draped red tapestries and lush plantings, while the new linear carpet is a bit vertigo-inducing from above, compared to the original geometric patterns that graced the lobby for decades.

Nonetheless, the improvements bring the hotel up to modern standards, providing "technology upgrades throughout, healthy travel options, and more flexible, modern lobby and meeting spaces for guests to mingle and collaborate," according to a press release.

The changes seem to be working though, as the hotel boasts its highest occupancy rates in years. Maybe it’s time for a summer staycation.

Marriott Marquis

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