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Revived Reynoldstown Tudor Aches for $449,000

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For Atlanta buyers who feel location trumps a multi-story parking facility around back

Let’s go ahead and address the seething, chest-pounding, 800-pound gorilla in the room: A new exposed parking garage is peeping in the backyard of this Reynoldstown renovation.

That sort of challenge, brought by the oncoming Station R mixed-use development, could help explain why a $449,000 house with five bedrooms has lingered for nearly two weeks in piping-hot R-town.

Otherwise, the resurrection of this 1940s Tudor seems pretty strong, if not a "gem" as the listing claims. Among these 2,400 square feet, find a new gas fireplace, kitchen wine rack, a swanky master suite, and a more-than-ample backyard deck, with its expansive views of elegantly arranged cars.

Ironically, the development that’s causing such a fuss out back promises to soon make the location even better, with shops and restaurants to compliment all the retail across Moreland Avenue. The under-construction Eastside Trail extension is a few blocks the other way.

No garage here, but the parking pad/driveway is sufficient for three or more cars, according to the listing. And a word to wise buyers: make friends with aborvitae and Leyland cypress. Big ones.