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Deputy Sheriff Rick’s house from 'The Walking Dead' has sold

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But this piece of Atlanta film history didn't come cheap

Coldwell Banker

At the cusp of Grant Park’s central greenspace, this renovated 19th-Century Victorian is in better shape than how Deputy Sheriff Rick found it following that pesky zombie apocalypse.

It was the setting for protagonist Rick Grimes’ house in Season 1 of Georgia-filmed The Walking Dead, and following extensive renovations that preserved the best architectural features, it hit the market last summer.

It eventually closed for $631,000—fittingly, four days before Halloween.

For non-TWD fanatics: Deputy Sheriff Rick awoke from a coma in a hospital to find that bloodletting zombies had run amok, so he pedaled a bicycle back to this place (a stand-in for fictitious King County) only to find nobody home.

Like the sprawling front porch, that story should come in handy for new homeowners this Halloween.

Post-hospital Sheriff Rick and the pre-renovation house.

The bones date to 1897, and two working fireplaces have been retained, to compliment vintage features like the claw-foot tub, heart-pine floors, and original millwork. The huge and mostly covered back deck, accessed via two sets of French doors, looks exceptional. Especially for TWD viewing parties.

The asking price was $659,900 for these 2,156 square feet.

The architecture that inspired Game of Thrones

Sheriff Rick's House

817 Cherokee Ave SE, Atlanta, GA 30315, USA