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Whacky Interior Choices Abound at $1.5M Midtown Renovation

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Is that a deer butt? Up on the wall? Because it really looks like a deer butt

Have Atlanta's same-old, same-old interior design doldrums got you down? Well, this boldly decorated 1909 Craftsman steps from Piedmont Park could be the elixir — or enough to declare sacrilege.

How about a purple range hood and kitchen cabinetry that calls to mind YMCA lockers? How about a mounted deer butt? Or a framed, floating wall chair? And those mirrored walls, zany wallpaper choices, and Liberace chandeliers!

The listing says this Home Rebuilders redo was to-the-studs throughout, incorporating a commercial kitchen and two upstairs master suites while leaving original windows, wide-plank hardwoods, and pocket doors intact. It's the "designer's own home with unbelievable quality and unique details," per the agent.

It certainly looks like few expenses were spared. And even fewer f@*ks given.

The home has four bedrooms, 4,000 square feet, a price just shy of $1.5 million — and boundless personality.