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Virginia-Highland Bungalow Perfect for American Brouhaha

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Just bring the cold ones — and $835,000

Atlantans by the millions are planning to throw back some ice cold ‘Merica this holiday weekend, and what better place to do so than a red (brick), white, and blue bungalow that’s stood strong for more than a century in one of the city’s more wobble-walkable ‘hoods.

Up the way from Virginia-Highland’s commercial epicenter, this 1915 bungalow behind an automatic gate on Highland Avenue is ready to party, with its three-fan wraparound front porch, big deck for grillin’, and social flagstone patio in the backyard.

It also has the coolest, coziest basement bar to blip the Atlanta listings radar screen in a long, long time.

What’s more, a buyer could brag to party guests that the hardwoods and fireplaces are original — and how that stained glass and plate rail in the dining room add an appropriately vintage touch.

Assuming that records are correct, this home has just two bedrooms and 1,655 square feet (probably excluding the loft above the two-car garage). Even for capitalism’s most ardent supporters and Va-Hi’s biggest fans, it’s tough to imagine forking over the asking price of $835,000 for a house that size.

But ain’t that America.