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$699K for Sprawling Condo in Midtown’s Beating Heart

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Beware of the HOA fees, however

Let's do some math: a 91 Walk Score + 2,600 square feet + a 1951 building in the heart of Midtown repurposed into a stylish, mildly industrial multifamily Shangri La = what?

An urbanist’s dream? An empty-nester’s return to cool? Not cheap?

Answer: all of the above!

This three-bedroom, three-bathroom corner unit at the 805 Peachtree building is a rambling piece of work with clean, simple aesthetics throughout. It makes sense that someone combined two condos to create this one at some point in time (adding extra, drama-squelching soundproofing in the process). It’s located, per the listing, "on the quiet side of the building."

Penthouses aside, it’s probably one of the larger condos that shoppers will find in Midtown, priced at $699,900 last week. Highlights include the three parking spaces, separate den (with recessed doors), and the upscale kitchen with Siematic cabinetry.

Be mindful of the HOA fees here, however, which have been known to climb higher than $1,000 per month for much smaller units.