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Listed at $825K, Cozy Oakhurst Craftsman Didn't Last Long

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Simply rewind time to 2012 and buy this place in the $500Ks

If there's such a thing as quintessential new Oakhurst, this cozy five-bedroom Craftsman could be it. And its pricing history exemplifies where the neighborhood — like others — has gone in a relatively short time.

With a smidgen more than 3,100 square feet, this 2011 house leans more toward traditional elegance than contemporary restraint, while offering top-shelf perks befitting this tax bracket: a butler's pantry (with fridge), a two-car garage with "storage room" above, admission to Decatur schools, and easy-breezy walkability to the Oakhurst Village.

Zillow indicates it listed at $825,000 the last day of May and was under contract about three days later.

That's quite a gap from the first and most recent sale in early 2012 — $588,000 — which was a really great time to buy a place in Atlanta. The listing agent says upgrades have come in the last four years, but this still looks like Exhibit A for how to make a quarter-million smackaroos in rather short order.