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Nationwide, Cobb County is Getting Reamed for SunTrust Deal

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The wisecracks (and alarming reports) keep coming as Cobb County readies SunTrust Park

Cobb County has reportedly run out of money to build parks for its citizens, thanks to the construction of a single ballpark: SunTrust Stadium.

The claim comes from Deadspin, which notes that a voter-approved initiative to fund public parks has stalled — as a stadium is rising that cost the county 10-times more than the parks would have. Sure, the reporting might be loaded with political bias, but the startling truth is that Cobb County residents are beginning to see nasty repercussions of their pending big-league acquisition.

Meanwhile, Garrison Keillor and A Prairie Home Companion swung by the Fox Theatre to tape last week's show. During the private-eye segment, "Detective" Guy Noir is called to Atlanta to see if he can resolve the "tragedy" of the Braves moving to Cobb County.

The characters lampoon our genteel accents, lamenting the cost of the stadium project in a place where the county government "pay[s] public school teachers in paper clips." While the Southern accents are really only appropriate for radio, and the tired shtick is all but farcical, the commentary does hit home, with Cobb County portrayed as a place with "no public transportation to speak of; just freeways that turn into parking lots."

Keillor also used the opportunity to mock Park Atlanta, that unfortunate snow-induced pandemonium from 2014, the rather rocky start of the Braves' 2016 season, and even the Southern hospitality provided by Atlanta's hometown airline.

The hits just keep coming for SunTrust Park, about nine months before the first batter steps up to the plate.

SunTrust Park

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