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Virginia-Highland Fixer-Upper is $425K. Don't Mind the Mold

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Where $400K+ buys dirt — or a whole lotta work

Like even smallish lots, this total gut project in Virginia-Highland is commanding north of $400,000, despite its ailing condition and what appears to be rampant moisture drama.

But given the location — a stone's throw from Piedmont Park, the Eastside Trail, and Amsterdam Walk — the $425,000 price tag and apparent wall cheese likely won't be serious impediments. Especially when there's a dang mini parking lot included.

As is, this two-bedroom bungalow from the 1920s has 1,740 square feet and, per the listing agent, "charming details" such as "built-in bookcases, hardwood floors, crystal knobs, and wooden doors." And either the staging is profoundly realistic, or the home is at least inhabitable right now.

It's a high bar for entry here (even on busy Monroe Drive), but the location calls for that.