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Midcentury Buckhead Building on Peachtree Getting Rather Uncomfortable Update

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A half-facade renovation will leave the Buckhead building looking somewhat incomplete

Just south of Piedmont Hospital, at 1776 Peachtree Road, stands an unabashedly midcentury modern building. Built back in 1962, the building epitomizes the flair of the decade, despite a renovation that removed a concrete screen that once dominated the center of the facade.

Now, however, big changes are in store for the old facility, with the new owners kicking off a major "update" to appeal to new tenants.

Unfortunately, from the renderings, it looks like 1776 Peachtree will be taking on a sort of Jekyll-and-Hyde appearance, with the southern half of the Peachtree elevation being clad in a new glass skin, and the northern half remaining pretty much the same.

In other words, the "finished" product could look half-finished.

Standing seven stories, the building features almost a quarter of a million square feet of office space. The owners tout the building's proximity to the Beltline's Tanyard Creek spur (in meters; someone should mention we still use imperial in the US) as well as a range of restaurants in walking distance. New features will include a rooftop deck — complete with restaurant and bar — with views of the Midtown and downtown skylines, "loft-like ceilings" (a buzzword these days), and a spruced-up lobby.

Will all those amenities be enough to draw in new tenants?