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Famed Atlanta Midcentury Ranch from 'Future' is $650K

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Agent: This Briarcliff residence is magazine-worthy, nearly 60 years later

On the timeworn pages of The American Home magazine, this cooly elegant Westinghouse ranch in the Briarcliff area off Interstate 85 is described as "Tomorrow's dream house," a property that would bring value in the 1960s and the future.

That statement was probably prescient, because this four-bedroom house from 1960 remains, as the listing agent asserts, Garden & Gun worthy. It listed Monday at $650,000.

This is a careful blend of time capsule and contemporary practicality, and with 2,300 square feet, it's not sprawling, but the manicured land is. The outdoor lounging options are plentiful, and they call for sips of something with olives at the bottom.

It traded for $383,000 three years ago, prior to some remodeling in the bathrooms and updating in the kitchen that thankfully never veered into gut-the-old sacrilege.