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Survey: Atlanta Ranked a Destination Among Millennials

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This prized demographic valued 'quality pizza' over top-rated public schools

Another day, another study about millennials from an apartment listing site.

But this one, from ABODO, actually spoke to these young, elusive, free-spending creatures. ABODO asked 2,000 people born between 1982 and 1998 to determine what primary qualities they look for in a city, including attributes like affordable housing, abundant parks, convenient public transit, and a thriving job market.

These millennials also shared which cities they thought likely had it all, and the folks at ABODO were able to determine which cities actually had the attributes millennials said they most wanted.

Atlanta made the cut in both instances — ranked middle-of-the-road in the first and toward the end in the second:

When asked what qualities millennials desired across the board in order of importance, there were some, well, interestingly ranked priorities:

The study also found that while a thriving job market is the number one priority millennials look for nationwide, affordable rent is more important to millennials ages 18 to 22. Most millennials felt affordable rent more important than an affordable home, except for those 29 to 34.