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$397K Condo Boasts Spellbinding Buckhead Views

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Windows upon windows upon windows ...

They call this unit at Buckhead's Paces 325 tower "panoramic," and they aren't kidding.

A bank of — count 'em — eight traditional-looking but large windows provides a vista not always seen in Atlanta. It's the 14th floor but seems higher, given the abundant natural light and that sky-high aquarium of a living room.

With two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and 1,333 square feet, the condo listed this week at $397,500. (Excluding, of course, the monthly $486 HOA fee).

It was built in 2004, and some aspects (the bathrooms especially) sort of scream that fact, but it does include two deeded parking slots, a concierge, and access to tennis courts (with skyline views!) and a pretty sweet pool area.