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Photos: Touring Fuqua’s ‘Glenwood Place’ Mixed-Use Creation

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Anchored by a swollen Kroger, the project is opening now and hopes to wrap this summer

Photography by Jonathan Phillips, Curbed Atlanta

After years of contentious meetings, Walmart uproar, applause for Kroger, and finally construction, Fuqua Development’s "Glenwood Place" project is coming to fruition.

Anchored by a freshly opened (and fairly gigantic) Kroger, the development will also play host to Chick-fil-A, Waffle House, apartments, senior housing, a smattering of smaller retail slots, and "at-grade surface-level parking [that] provides easy access for the retail customers," according to Fuqua’s website.

Other tenants include American Deli, Great Clips, Lee Nails, Metro PCS, Pacific Dental, Professional Best Cleaners, and The Joint.

We’re told the Kroger already has several strong nickname contenders, because Atlanta loves them some Kroger monikers.

Gentrification Kroger, Krogzilla, KroBar (because it has a beer and wine bar), and PR-friendly Beltline Kroger have been bandied about.

For this installment of Visual Journeys, we recently swung by the project to see how things are shaping up: