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Plans: Juniper Street to be Transformed into Biking/Pedestrian Utopia

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Project will bring bike lanes, street trees, and wide sidewalks to the north-south Midtown thoroughfare

Juniper Street in Midtown is about to get a major makeover.

While plans have been in place for a while, Midtown Alliance has announced that the "complete street" transformation should begin by the end of the year.

The project will add protected bike lanes, a dedicated parking lane, and more pedestrian space to the Midtown thoroughfare from 14th Street all the way to Ponce de Leon Avenue. Plantings will be added as well, providing shade, bioswales for water management, and new street furniture, while vehicular travel lanes will be reduced to two.

The project will mean that people in south Midtown and northern downtown will be able to bike in dedicated, protected lanes to the Beltline, via the 10th Street cycle track. Give or take a couple of short gaps.

Funded by the Atlanta Regional Commission and the Midtown Improvement District, the transformation will cost around $5.6 million.

The timeline for the project is approximately 18 months, meaning completion should come sometime in mid-2018, pending delays.