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Midcentury Modern in Buckhead has Oddball Decor, Great Bones

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Stained glass, a James Bond-style hidden vault, and much more

A man’s home is his castle.

Sometimes that castle has a lattice fence surrounding the entry, tassels on the front door, stained glass windows with seashells and birds, and a James Bond-style vault hidden within.

Such is the case with this 1958 brick ranch in Mt. Paran/Northside — a fairly large midcentury modern (3,516 square feet) with six bedrooms, five bathrooms, and a handful of unique judgment calls.

Seeing the pool, the vaulted ceilings, large fireplace, and hand-laid brick patio, it’s obvious the creator knew a thing or two.

Designed by the guy who wrote the book on midcentury-modern architecture (well, he wrote a book on it anyway), the place is situated on a whopping 1.17-acre spread with a circular driveway and double drive-through carport, featuring extended parking to accommodate a dozen vehicles.

Oh, and a pretty sweet-looking pool out back.

The listing price for this "swank party pad" is $1.17 million — a weirdly recurring number here. It’s yet to be seen whether the next homeowner buys into the taste of the previous dweller and makes it their own castle, or decides to go a little more traditional, which usually (and paradoxically) means modern.