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Atlanta is America’s Most Mobile-Friendly City?!?

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With fast speeds and low consumer costs, Atlanta beats out tech-savvy California and all others, study finds

Look out, Silicon Valley. And heads up, data-consuming millennials: It appears that Atlanta is the most mobile-friendly city in the country!

The news comes from a recent NerdWallet study, which looked at metrics including wireless coverage reliability, city wireless efforts, availability of tech support, and taxes on cellphone plans.

While four of the top 10 cities (including the two others in the top three) are located in California — known for its tech-friendly characteristics and brainpower — it seems low taxes and fast upload and download speeds make Atlanta a more accommodating place. Which can't hurt the local economy.

All this may come as good news for those who like to spend time with their faces buried in their screens, rather than interacting with people around them... Just be careful on those cracked Atlanta sidewalks.