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In Candler Park, Stone-Cold Classic Commands $825K

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But even at this price-point, could there be a catch?

A one-minute stumble from Little Five Points, this expanded and upgraded Candler Park bungalow should check a lot of boxes for Atlanta homebuyers on the prowl for authenticity, vintage style, and sheer living space.

But even at $825,000 these days, those attributes don’t come without compromise in choice intown neighborhoods.

With four bedrooms, three bathrooms, and an even 3,400 square feet, this old classic dates to the 1920s but underwent a serious transformation and second-floor addition in the last year.

The attractive results didn’t neglect to keep the original windows and rich hardwoods while adding facets like a retro coal and gas fireplace (one of three). Elsewhere, find a unique brick-floored gourmet kitchen and the sort of butler’s pantry that traditionalists’ dreams are made of.

If there’s a low-point, it has to be the backyard, which seems barren and — although accessed by a shared driveway’s automatic gate — wanting for more than covered parking spaces. The property last traded a year ago for $400,000.