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Smallish Kirkwood Renovation Aims to Do More with Less

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Listing photos make 1,320 square feet look somewhat large. Does staging compensate, too?

Recent photos of this renovated Kirkwood home originally built in 1925 suggest that sometimes it’s more about maximizing space than razing a home site and building anew.

With 1,320 square feet, three bedrooms, and two bathrooms (basically, the size of a typical two-bedroom condo in Atlanta), renovators and designers appear to have done an admirable job of masking diminutiveness here.

Notable features, according to the listing: open floor plan, chef’s kitchen with reclaimed barn wood shelving, master suite with French doors that open to the back deck, custom walk-in closet, and a large back deck.

Prospective homebuyers might want to note it’s also close to this new little downtown that's coming to fruition in East Lake.

Sellers are asking $389,900. That’s a lot of dough for the size, and could help explain why it's still available (as of this writing) after nearly a week on the market in Biddingwarsville.