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$1M Morningside Modern Looks Spry Despite 1990s Origins

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Where the emphasis is on clean minimalism. And windows

The 1990s weren’t the most glorious period for modern residential architecture in Atlanta. Local relics of the era trend toward a mix of tired stucco, Bauhaus-ian acid flashbacks, and Vanilla Ice panache.

But this tri-story, $1.1 million modern in Morningside, which dates to 1994, appears to be an exception. It’s described as "meticulously maintained/updated" and looks the part — for the most part.

Around these minimal 3,350 square feet, every room has a private deck or balcony, and the fourth bedroom (an optional studio) comes with an attached kitchenette, per the listing agent. The ceilings tend to soar. Some might quibble with so much carpet (in common areas especially), but the huge rooftop terrace with Midtown views could compensate.

The underwhelming Walk Score of 48 would seem to belie the home’s roughly four-block proximity to Piedmont Park and nearby retail options. But then again this isn’t the densest part of town, for better or worse.

Some more food for thought: This place sold new in 1994 for $198,000. (Unless that was the previous home on this lot). Zillow records show it hasn’t traded since.