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Could Major Growth be on the South Atlanta Horizon?

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Latest groundbreaking at Pinewood Forrest signals start of major project in Fayetteville

Since Atlanta was founded, development trends have pushed the center of the city ever northward. But as Atlanta continues to grow, the southside seems to be moving closer to the economic-development spotlight.

Now developers are taking note of the disparity and hoping to cash in on the (ostensibly cheaper) land values to the south, enticing people with promises of a 25-minute drive to downtown.

A new development planned by Whole Town Solutions dubbed "Pinewood Forrest" is slated to break ground next week, with hopes of transforming 234 acres into a mixed-use utopia. Plans call for more than 1,200 residences as well as office, hotel, and retail space — like a southern Avalon. (By comparison, Avalon's 86 acres are about 1/3 of the size.)

The project isn’t the first mixed-use venture to come to the southside.

Earlier this year, RCP Companies announced a $300 million project — Mt. Olive — near McDonough. But for those in the production industry, or who want to score a high chance of celebrity sightings, the location of Pinewood Forrest is ideal: adjacent to Pinewood Studios.