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Decatur New-Build Goes Vintage Country for $625,000

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Buckets and birdcage included

If something about a brand-new, four-bedroom Decatur home that’s selling for $625,000 (as if that’s peanuts) seems rotten, consider this line in the listing description: "Experience the benefits of Decatur living without the taxes."

Or the coveted schools!

Instead, this countryfied traditional can be found in a subdivision called Midway Woods, between Agnes Scott College and Memorial Drive, that feeds Druid Hills High School. But its location spells a deep discount for a 2,657-square-foot house in Decatur, and especially one with three porches (including a covered space with fireplace), and modern-farmhouse perks like reclaimed-wood mantles and recycled brick.

It boasts vaulted living-room ceilings unique to most new constructions and antique fixtures that include upturned-bucket pendants and a dang birdcage.

Walking to Decatur’s bountiful culinary and social attractions might be a stretch from here (howdy, 24 Walk Score), but the actual home product and price could atone for that.