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Fun on Ponce City Market's Roof Could be Costly

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Unclear whether $10 admission includes any rides, activities

Skyline Park, which sits atop Ponce City Market and opened earlier this month, has posted prices on its website for admission and rides. And judging by the costs, it could quickly get expensive for a family of any size to play mini-golf, try their hand at the dunking booth, ride the giant slide — or even walk through the admission gate.

It wasn’t immediately clear whether the cost of admission ($10 for adults; $7 for kids; free for children under three) was a standalone price or whether it includes individual activities, but certain games like mini-golf were listed on the website with individual prices.

Officials previously told Curbed Atlanta that rides and games will start at about a buck for the slide, and climb to roughly $10 per person to play a round of golf at night.

According to the site, all games "use a refillable Skyline Park Play Card for your convenience." One official told the AJC the rooftop amenities section is still in "preview stages" and that pricing hasn't been solidified.

The 1.7-acre Skyline Park also includes food and drink options, a dunking booth, steeplechase game, one of those test-of-strength-hammer-swinging things, and something called the Heege — a ride that simulates a free-fall.

Beyond the amusement park, the remaining 4.3 acres of The Roof will host more restaurants, a large event space (500-person capacity), and private space for building tenants.