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Study: Peachtree Street One of Country’s Priciest Roads

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From downtown to Buckhead: 8.4-mile stretch is estimated at $21 billion

Had a look lately at what it costs to rent on Peachtree (the main one, that is)?

Not only is it pricey by Atlanta standards, it’s one of the most expensive stretches of highway in the whole country, according to an article by Atlanta Business Chronicle.

The rising value of real estate along the 8.4-mile roadway from downtown to Buckhead is estimated at $21 billion. That's according to a study commissioned by the community improvement districts of downtown, Midtown, and Buckhead.

As the 27th most expensive street in the United States of America (according to a study by Jones Lang LaSalle), office rent prices on average are at $32.33 per square foot — 45-percent higher than the average market rent in Atlanta ($22.32 per square foot).

In somewhat related news, a recent report from apartment listing site ABODO claimed Atlanta experienced a 4-percent increase in residential rent prices from June to July — the 10th largest rental cost increase in the country for that time period.