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$450K Reynoldstown Redo Maximizes Each Square Inch

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Claustrophobes need not exercise here

This circa-1920 traditional in Reynoldstown specializes in unexpected touches like a skylight, lofty ceilings, mystery doors to somewhere, and what has to be Atlanta’s most compact home gym.

After 10 days on market, it has no contract (as of this writing) and was standing firm at $450,000. That would buy three bedrooms, three bathrooms, and a little over 2,600 square feet here.

Standing near the Cabbagetown border, and around the corner from construction to extend the Beltline’s Eastside Trail, this house occupies one of the best streets in either neighborhood, the listing boldly proclaims. No garage, but there is ample driveway parking, which can be vital in these parts.

The listing also drops the phrase "exciting Memorial Drive" for what could be the first time ever.

The rocking-chair front porch and its screened-in counterpart around back are nice homey touches, and ditto for the original heart-pine floors and vintage fireplace. Some of the more contemporary spaces could seem odd in juxtaposition — or maybe buyers will dig the variety. In any case, it’s clear that no space went to waste here.