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$650K Reynoldstown Listing Aims for Approachable Modern

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R-town’s latest contemporary offering has big-room flow

Atlanta homebuyers seem to have a soft spot for new contemporary houses that land somewhere on the aesthetic spectrum between mass-produced Craftsman and daringly audacious spaceship.

The resulting lovechild is a house like this new Reynoldstown listing, which offers a clean-lined, flat-roofed style that breaks the mold without screaming for attention. Listed this week, the home stands down the way from ParkGrounds and the forthcoming Eastside Trail extension.

For $650,000, a buyer gets big-room flow, three outdoor spaces, and a two-car garage (with raw storage space attached) that’s accessed via the freshly re-fenced backyard. The larger spaces among these 2,800 square feet restrict the sheer number of rooms (three bedrooms, two and 1/2 bathrooms), which could be a sticking point with some families.

From the waterfall countertops on the kitchen island to the master retreat’s showerheads, the finishes look pretty sharp.

It’s the latest R-town offering from CFYC Home Improvements, who built this larger modern with skyline views a few blocks away that sold for $719,000 earlier this year. And it could lend credence to what Huey Lewis is always going on about.