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Buckhead Really Wants to Reinvigorate the Lenox Road Corridor

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Buckhead Community Improvement District hopes to transform 1.3-mile stretch of Lenox Road

Lenox Road in the heart of Buckhead is a major thoroughfare linking Piedmont and Peachtree roads, lined with major business centers and two of the city’s most iconic places to shop.

But with all its density the road is often choked with traffic, and thus it's fairly inhospitable to pedestrians. Now, the Buckhead Community Improvement District (BCID) is trying to figure out how to address those issues.

Last month, the BCID issued a request for proposals for a "Lenox Road Scoping Study" to examine how to define "Lenox Road as a signature street that is unique to Buckhead."

Through public involvement and research, the winning team will create plans to address pedestrian, bicycle, retail, and transit needs along the corridor, as well as identify natural and cultural resources that can be enhanced. Additionally, the plan will provide guidance for creating gateways at critical places such as the Ga. Highway 400 interchange and the Lenox MARTA Station.

The proposal will no doubt address the planned park over Ga. Highway 400 and the connection to PATH400 that exist along the road.

Officials sound motivated to make this happen, pronto.

Responses are due Friday, with work expected to begin by mid-August and to take 10 months, wrapping up at the end of June next year.