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Live in a Very Holy-Looking West End Home for $179K

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Three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and ... a laundry room in the kitchen?

While it’s yet to be determined whether this recently listed home in Historic West End was in fact a church, all signs sure do point to yes.

Just look at the symmetry of the front door and windows; all that’s missing is a steeple and a crowd of finely dressed men and women small-talking and glad-handing their way in and out of the sanctuary.

Speaking of sanctuaries — have a look at that wide open floor plan. While it seems some renovations have been made, there’s still ample space to install some pews, a pulpit, and a dozen moldy, old hymnals.

According to property records, it was built in 1989. Listing price: $179,900.

The home has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and (a rather small) 1,120 square feet. According to the listing, it includes an updated kitchen with "beautiful backsplash and granite stone countertops."

Roughly half of the listing photos are of the kitchen, which is also weirdly the laundry room. But, given the small size of this place (and the very real possibility that it was once a house of God?), renovators and designers likely had to get creative.