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Portman ‘Forest’ is Bound for Atlanta Airport Entrance Plaza

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Canopy system will cover new plaza, evoke images of a soothing forest

Atlanta's often called a "City in the Forest," thanks to the dense tree canopy that covers much of the metro. And now, visitors will have a chance to experience that from the very second they leave the airport. Sort of.

WhatNowAtlanta reports that a new covered plaza outside Hartsfield-Jackson will provide that forested sensation (albeit without actual trees). Plans call for a large canopy — designed by John Portman & Associates to evoke trees — to be constructed west of the current terminal building, providing rain and sun protection to visitors.

The canopy will cover a new 1.6-acre plaza, which will connect the airport with the MARTA station, the ATL SkyTrain, and a new Intercontinental Hotel, also designed by Portman. In addition to simply providing outdoor space, the plaza will also have interactive kiosks, displays, and exhibits.

Look for the redevelopment to happen concurrently with the $6 billion in upgrades planned at the airport in coming years.

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport

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