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Exquisite Buckhead Manse 5th Priciest in Atlanta Market

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With more than 15,000 square feet and a jaw-dropping pool, this place is described as "one of the South’s most important residences"

Before glancing at the sky-high cost to live in this 15,172-square-foot Buckhead mansion, it’s quite clear this home stands out in a big way.

Featuring seven bedrooms, eight and 1/2 bathrooms, and all the absurdly opulent trappings of the filthy rich, at an even $10 million this property is the fifth most expensive listing on the local market right now.

According to the listing, it was built of concrete and slate, with windows and doors "custom made in the Loire River Valley and installed by French artisans brought to the United States for the project ..." Yep, sounds about right.

It's also billed as "one of the South’s most important residences," which is hard to argue when you look at some of these photos, with ornate features in seemingly every room. And that pool? Looks like a million bucks by itself.