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First Bidirectional Bike Intersection in America Installed in Atlanta

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Downtown gets unique solution to intersecting cycle tracks at John Portman Boulevard and Peachtree Center Avenue

Atlanta may not be known as the most forward-thinking city for bikers in the United States, much less the world over.

But a new intersection of two bike paths in downtown Atlanta is the first of its kind in the country, which certainly sounds innovative.

According to the organization People for Bikes, a new intersection of bike lanes at John Portman Boulevard and Peachtree Center Avenue in downtown will be the first-ever protected bidirectional bike intersection in the country.

Bidirectional bike lanes at the left side of each of these one-way streets make it easier for Atlantans on two wheels to navigate around the city. However, while the protected bike lanes are great, where the cycle tracks intersect posed a bit of a challenge, when it comes to maintaining the separation of bikes and cars.

The solution is to create a refuge island at the northwestern corner of the intersection, where the lanes meet, to provide a safe space for turning bicyclists to wait out the light.

It's another push of the pedal in Atlanta's quest to become a biking powerhouse. Last year, the city appointed its first Chief Bicycle Officer. Since, the city has continued to expand protected bike path infrastructure, and launched a bike-share program.

So things are looking up for bi-wheeled, human-powered transportation in Atlanta.