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$259K West End Bungalow Promises No ‘Choppy Renovations’

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Mid-aughts build takes design cues from Atlanta’s older housing stock

Venturing over to West End, the reigning Curbed Cup champion, reveals this cozy bungalow with classic style that might not break the bank, even for first-time buyers of Atlanta.

It’s about a block from West End’s commercial core and The Wren’s Nest, and it boasts a Walk Score of 85, which should only be boosted by the Beltline’s forthcoming Westside Trail, also nearby.

Built in 2006 (and clearly inspired by much older housing stock), this three-bedroom, two-bathroom "hidden gem" is free of "choppy renovations," the listing agent promises. It came on the market last week at $259,000.

House-hunters will find a few boldly artistic wall-paint choices around these 2,223 square feet, but any concerns could be soothed by the screened porch, which overlooks a lovely garden of zen.