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Photos: Modera Midtown is Rising on Formerly Dead Lot

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With mind-boggling amenities and views for days, new apartment tower brings luxury Connector-side

Developer Mill Creek is on a Modera building spree, with five projects under that name either completed or underway across the metro.

While four are mid-rise apartment buildings with retail space, Midtown is in for a 29-story tower that aims to bring a new level of luxury to the western edge of the submarket, a formerly dead area pockmarked with one surface lot after another (or worse) not that long ago.

Modera Midtown is destined to be one of the most amenity-rich buildings in Atlanta. With multiple two-story common areas, including club rooms, bars, and a gym, there’s no shortage of space to hang out. Outside, the building features two pools — one on the seventh floor and another on the 29th — with sweeping views of the skyline and an 1/8-mile running track. For four-legged friends, the building will have a legit dog parknot just some side yard, but a large space with obstacles and such — on the very top of the building.

Designed by Maryland-based SK+I Architecture, Modera is bringing a relatively large dose of apartments (435 of them) to the 1.9-acre site. Clad in metal panels, with a varied textured facade, the building represents a step up design-wise from many of its new neighbors, officials say.

Located across the street from the under-construction NCR headquarters at Eighth Street, the building will stand a couple of blocks from Publix, MARTA, Georgia Tech, and myriad other new projects.

Expected to top out by the end of the year, Modera could be ready for its first residents (in the base portion of the tower) in January, officials told Curbed Atlanta during a tour this week.

Here's where things stand now: