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Tiny Houses Taking Over Decatur This Weekend

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For those curious about why living small is such a big deal, the festival is worth checking out

As oxymoronic as it may sound, Tiny Houses are becoming a pretty big thing.

While the Tiny House movement is steadily growing, it can be a challenge for people to understand how living in a space smaller than the average bedroom can work. To help people grasp the ins and outs of living small, Tiny House Atlanta and the City of Decatur are teaming up for the Decatur Tiny House Festival.

This weekend, downtown Decatur will play host to an array of events, lectures, and even a dozen or so tiny houses, so Atlantans can get acquainted with living small. Topics to be covered include: "sustainability, minimalism, urban planning, zoning, and downsizing."

Events start Saturday morning and run through Sunday evening. The tiny houses and regular-sized food trucks will gather just southwest of Decatur Square in a parking lot, while the symposium series will take place across the street.

Weekend passes can be purchased for $35, or one-day tickets are $20.