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Midcentury Modern-esque ‘Deck House’ in Sandy Springs: $550K

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Home has 3,100 square feet, four bedrooms, and surprisingly recent origins

In describing this four-bedroom, three-bathroom midcentury modern-looking Sandy Springs home (it was built in 1980), the listing agent does two things: educates prospective homebuyers on the merits of a "Deck House" and professes undying love for this one.

"I could write a book about how amazing this house is," writes DomoRealty listing agent Vanessa Reilly.

Listed at $550,000, the home features 3,100 square feet of living space, accented by natural cedar ceilings, oak floors, mahogany trim and woodwork throughout it. There’s also two separate office spaces and floor-to-ceiling glass in the main living area.

Reilly describes a Deck House as "a quiet statement about one’s own self-confidence — a home of relaxed elegance in perfect harmony with the natural world, inside and out."

A more precise definition here explains these types of homes offer "efficient post and 45beam building system(s) with exposed structure, making a powerful statement of beauty, strength, and function."

Call it what you want; this one’s a stunner for sure.

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