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Midtown Medical Mid-Rise is Officially a Go on West Peachtree

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After three years, glassy project near The Connector is green-lighted

A medical office building that’s been in the works for roughly three years will officially move forward on the western side of Midtown, joining about 50 projects recently delivered or in some form of development in the surging submarket.

Brand Properties officials announced today that Northside Midtown Medical — a 12-story, mid-rise office building with 170,000 square feet — will break ground this year at the corner of West Peachtree and 13th streets.

Northside Hospital will be the main tenant, offering primary care offices, cardiology services, urgent care, and the Northside Hospital Imaging Center. The rest will be class-A office space geared toward medical professionals.

In a press release, Brand Properties CEO Brand Morgan sounded giddy about the prospects of setting up shop in Midtown.

"The continued growth of this market is incredible with more than 65,000 workers coming here every weekday and more than 14,000 people choosing to make their home here," said Morgan. "Add to that $2.8 billion in planned new development and you have a compelling case for one of the top hospitals in the country to establish a major foothold in Midtown."

The new building will open in mid-2018, officials said.