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No Zombies at This $2.5M Contemporary Farm in Woodbury

Not THAT Woodbury, but pretty close

For The Walking Dead aficionados whose hearts go aflutter at the mention of Woodbury — well, prepare for disappointment. But for lovers of sophisticated contemporary style with agrarian flare, this "quintessential gentleman’s farm" in Woodbury is to die for.

Lead by a one-eyed psychopath called The Governor, the Woodbury of Walking Dead fame is actually Senoia, GA, which is due north of here. This Woodbury and its $2.5 million architectural wonderland is squarely in the middle of nowhere, on a tranquil 72 acres that front the Flint River, midway between Barnesville and LaGrange, if that makes sense.

Back in 2000, this complex was (obviously) built custom to accommodate the owners’ style, along with family, guests (it has eight bedrooms across multiple residences), and all manner of creatures. Some of the finishes look their age.

The airy main residence is called Manor House, and the sale includes two guest cottages, a stylish barn (with a two-bedroom apartment), horse facilities, a skeet range, driving range, and boat slip for river access.

Sounds like an idyllic place for escaping the urban grind — or hordes of hungry undead.