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Decatur’s priciest property undergoes $100K price slice

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When a mere 5,000 square feet just won’t cut it

It’s fitting that this mondo Arts-&-Crafts offering is poised on Superior Street. How so? Well, it’s the most expensive home for sale across Decatur and Oakhurst right now, which is saying something in a growing hub of million-dollar listings.

Located north of downtown Decatur, the home’s bones date to 1925, but it’s clearly undergone a dramatic expansion since then, packing on a multi-story addition and weaving in style that abides by the original look. Its towering backside overlooks a small but achingly lovely backyard — a flower-filled English garden that befits the rest of the property, too.

Yet this 5,240-square-foot, six-bedroom goliath has lingered on the market for more than two months in bidding-war central. Earlier in July, it underwent a $100,000 price-chop to land at $1.29 million.

Enough to close the deal? Time will tell.

The right (wealthy) buyer will probably have a thing for very large but somehow cozy spaces — and old-school touches like custom stained glass and hand-painted wallpaper.