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New 'Grant Park Apartments' Starts Construction

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Groundbreaking kicks off 18 months of construction to bring 325 apartment units to the Memorial Drive corridor

Another new apartment building is coming to Grant Park, just down the street from Oakland Cemetery and Georgia State University.

Located a stone's throw from The George (the companion to The Leonard) on M.L.K. Jr. Drive, the property extends the trend of recent development along the Memorial Drive corridor toward downtown.

Architects at Dwell Design Studio have designed the four- and five-story building to feature 325 units and all the requisite luxury amenities found in apartments across the city. What Now Atlanta reports the development will include two pools, a "serenity garden," and even a bocce ball court.

While the name isn’t all that innovative — permits for the project list it as simply "Grant Park Apartments" — a VP for Fairfield Residential told WNA a flashy name will come along in due time.

With construction now underway, the first units should be on the rental market in early 2018.