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Slick Modern Townhome in Midtown Hits Market at $879K

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Not your average Atlanta duplex here

Does two-block proximity to Piedmont Park trump sharing one wall with thy neighbors? That is the question at this Midtown duplex, where one tri-story townhome was listed two weeks ago for $879,000.

With its clerestory windows and curtaining wooden wall near the staircase, the kitchen is probably the most strikingly modern facet here, providing a little variety from recent contemporary interiors around Atlanta. Another unique component: the borderline brutalist staircases that unfurl down to 7th Street.

Listings seem to indicate that just one of the units (A) is available. They both have three bedrooms, two and 1/2 bathrooms, and 2,500 square feet, with two-car garages, allegedly private backyards, and appropriately simple/smart fixture choices throughout. Another bonus: some sweet-ass toilets.

Earlier marketing materials described these units as "affordable," which was probably a nod to the fact they have no HOA fees. Or maybe these units momentarily thought they were in Brooklyn or something.